Why Our Retail Pharmacists?

Pharmacists are the backbone of retail community pharmacies, providing expert advice and guidance to our customers on the use and management of your medications.

Here’s why our retail pharmacists are important and how it benefits our customers:

  • First line and accessible
  • Inter-professional collaboration (doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, chiropractor etc)
  • We know you better with primary screening and detailed patient review
  • Offer Wholesome Solution to your needs
  • Convenience
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Your lifetime Health partner

Pharmacist Services


Screening & Dispensing medications

Includes blood pressure, cholesterol checks, uric acid, glucose checks, HbA1c and more. Checking prescription for accuracy and safety and advice accordingly.

Minor Ailment & Medication Therapy Management

These include conditions such as colds, coughs, sore throats, allergies, minor infections, minor skin problems, and minor injuries.

Medication Reviews

Check if you are taking your medications right.

First Aid

Antiseptic and dressing for minor wound injury.

Specialized Services

These include weight management, smoking cessation, and diabetes 1 to 1 management.

Empowering Healthcare:

Exploring the Dynamic Career Opportunities for Pharmacists

The growing healthcare industry and an ageing population have increased the demand for community pharmacists in Malaysia in recent years but we don’t just provide variety of services because we are more than that!

Career Pathway

So What’s More?

  • Branch manager
  • Area manager
  • Purchasing Pharmacist
  • Warehouse Pharmacist
  • Talent Development Pharmacist
  • Marketing
  • Content Creator
  • PRP preceptor

Beyond Dispensing:

The Multi-Faceted Role of Pharmacists

Community pharmacists in Malaysia have a wide range of opportunities to explore beyond traditional dispensing roles and here are some exciting and fun roles that community pharmacists can pursue.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacy Management

Community pharmacists can become managers and lead teams to provide quality patient care.

Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist

Optimize medication regimens by reviewing, identifying interactions, and advising on side effects.

Health and Wellness Coach Pharmacist

Coach patients on adopting healthy lifestyles, managing chronic conditions, and preventing illnesses by offering nutrition advice, weight management, exercise guidance, and stress management techniques.

Medication Adherence Programs Pharmacist

Create and execute medication adherence programs for patients, using medication reminders, patient education, and follow-up monitoring.

Telepharmacy Services Pharmacist

With the rise of telehealth, community pharmacists can offer telepharmacy services to their patients, providing medication counselling and other pharmacy-related services remotely.

Talent Development Pharmacist

Help train and mentor fellow pharmacists and staffs to enhance their skills and knowledge. Play a critical role in promoting professional growth and improving patient care in the pharmacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pharmacist

Promote sustainability and ethical business practices by developing policies and initiatives for environmental compliance, participating in community outreach programs, and supporting medical research as part of CSR.

Content Creator Pharmacist

Create & develop educational content like videos, social media posts, and infographics to promote medication safety, raise health awareness, and encourage informed decision-making.

I have a prescription... for your daily dose of awesomeness. It's not Coffee and don't worry, the only side effect is an infectious smile.

J.TPharmacist | Rx


Lee Huey ChianSenior Talent Development Pharmacist cum Branch manager

Becoming one of the team members of Talent Development Department. When I first joined the company, this department didn't exist. Me and my colleague, Cheryl "build up" the team together to provide the training and development to the employees in the company. I created the "My Training Records (MTR)" for new staff training project. With MTR, the training for new employees become systematic. I also created training materials for outlet to enhance the staff's knowledge and ensure professional services to be provided to our beloved customers.

Richie TanArea Manager cum Pharmacist, Outlet Operations

Theatre of Dream
I will describe HEALTH LANE as a company that produces STAR & EXPERT in this industry. I’ve seen my growth and transformation since my first day joining the company, undeniably from a ZERO to a HERO.
Continuous Learning as 4 years of degree is never sufficient, HEALTH LANE provides me INPUT, which is not limited to product training but expert or doctors’ talk and knowledge sharing to help me OUTPUT in giving the best care to the community.

Jerri FooSenior Pharmacist cum Branch Manager

This company is a great place for my career growth, learning, and development with good and supportive management, a challenging working environment, and attractive employee benefits.

Sareena LimArea Manager cum Pharmacist, Outlet Operations

I started as a PRP in 2016 and now in 2023, I am an AM, thanks to this company that has provided me with a bright career growth and development. Despite the challenges, I have been able to advance my career here. I am grateful for the recognition and appreciation that our work receives from our management.

Chan Wei TengArea Manager cum Senior Pharmacist, Outlet Operations

As someone who started as an outlet manager in 2012 and is now an AM in 2023, I can attest to the good company welfare and staff benefits, as well as the flexibility in working hours and great career opportunities. My outlet team was able to achieve the highest HLP sales for two consecutive years, which is a testament to the value of teamwork in achieving success. At Health Lane, we treat each other like family and encourage everyone to grab every opportunity that comes their way.

Wee Kee YewArea Manager cum Senior Pharmacist, Outlet Operations

Working here offers excellent prospects for career advancement. I am proud to have been able to lead my outlets towards success, with the endless support provided to solve any problems. The management team has been incredibly supportive towards their employees, fostering a supportive environment amongst colleagues and departments. Together, we work towards achieving our goals with the full backing of management.

Choo Suit WonKey Engagement Senior Pharmacist

I am grateful for the incredible journey I have had at Health Lane Family Pharmacy. From starting as a Pharmacist cum Branch Manager to progressing to become a Senior Pharmacist cum Trainer and now serving as the Key Engagement Senior Pharmacist, I am honored to be part of a company that aligns with my ambition to serve the community. The support and guidance provided have allowed me to develop into a better version of myself, while the inspiring colleagues and collaborative culture have motivated me to push beyond my limits.

The Role of Pharmacists

Just Got Enhanced

Overall, community retail pharmacists play a vital role in providing comprehensive care to their customers, going beyond traditional dispensing roles to offer a range of essential services that promote optimal health outcomes.

Pharmacists can now integrate the service now with technology advancement and cater to more patients through telecommunications or as knowledge sharers through the means of social media and content creation.

The possibility is limitless!