7 Vitamins & Minerals For Growing Children

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Do kids need to take vitamin supplement?
In general, kids that eat a healthy, well-balanced diet do not need vitamin supplements. However, kids who are at risk of vitamin deficiencies will need to take vitamin supplements. Those at risk of vitamin deficiencies include:

  • Kids who are not eating regular, healthy balanced meals
  • Kids with food allergy or chronic medical conditions such as digestive problems which causes difficulty in absorbing vitamins and minerals
  • Kids on a vegetarian or a vegan diet, or a dairy-free diet

Kids eating plenty of fast food and processed food!

Protein – Eggs, beans, lean meat, soy products

Fruits – encourage eating fresh fruits rather than fruit juice

Vegetables – green, leafy vegetables

Grains – whole grains, quinoa, oatmeal

Dairy – milk, yoghurt, cheese

What are the essential vitamin and minerals for growing children?

Vitamin A – essential for vision, immune system, and regulation of cell growth

Vitamin B Complex – to help metabolism, energy, healthy heart and nervous system

Vitamin C – to help body resist infection, wound healing, healthy gums and bones

Vitamin D – to enhance calcium absorption in order to build strong bones and teeth

Vitamin E – to strengthen body immune system, protecting cells and tissues from damage

Calcium – to build strong bones and teeth

Iron – essential for healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body

What other nutrition are important for children’s health and growth?

DHA – for brain development and vision

GABA – a type of amino acid that support nervous system

Inulin and probiotics – to support healthy digestive system

Lutein – for healthy eye development and protection

Lysine – for energy and appetite


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