Things You Need to About Mask

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Face masks are being sold like hot cakes nowadays due to the pandemic Covid-19. We have so many types of masks that, how do we differentiate which one works and which doesn’t? How do we properly protect ourselves and our loved ones? Does wearing a mask actually make a difference?

By wearing a mask, is not that it will prevent everyone from getting infected, but its that it will slow down the transmission in the community a bit. Even a small effect makes a big difference. Our goal is to break the chain of transmission.

There are TWO Types of masks commonly used for this situation.

Type 1 : Surgical mask (3ply)

Surgical masks are usually used by medical professionals especially those in close quarters with the patients. It helps the wearer by protecting them from large droplets, sneezes and other fluids. It helps to block droplets that are expelled from sneezes and coughs. *Picture is just for illustration purpose only.*Type 2 : The N95 respirator

It has a tight fit around the nose and mouth. It can help block 95% of small airborne particles. Front liners and medical staffs need this type of masks and are required to wear them. *Picture is just for illustration purpose only.*

There are other types of masks sold such as the cloth and sponge masks. These masks do not really protect or prevent the spread of the viral particles. It just covers the nose and mouth. When we sneeze, it can help stop the droplets from spreading. If we were to use these masks, we should always wash them in antibacterial soap wash each time after using them.

Tips for Using Face Masks Properly

  1. Discard disposable face masks after each use
  2. Do not touch the front of the mask. Even when removing it, unhook from the ear loops.

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