MYTH 1 ⇒ Corona is the most dangerous virus that exist.


FACT 1 ⇒ On average, 50 people in Malaysia die of ishcaemic heart diseases everyday.


MYTH 2 ⇒ I need to buy a hazmat suit and a N95 mask to stay protected.


FACT 2 ⇒ It is best to wash your hands frequently & adopt good hygiene habits.


MYTH 3 ⇒ Stay at home and never go out to prevent coronavirus infection.


FACT 3 ⇒ Wear mask if you are going to a crowded and stay in if you are unwell.


MYTH 4 ⇒ I will be diagnosed with the coronavirus if I taken food from China.


FACT 4 ⇒ Consume sufficient amount of nutrient daily to maintain a strong immune system.


For more detail information / assistance, please visit any Health Lane Family Pharmacy outlets.

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